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Hazard Assessment
Excalibur documents and analyzes hazards and their potential to impact people or the environment through inadvertent release. This analysis becomes the technical basis for emergency planning and preparedness. It reveals opportunities for modifying facilities, processes or procedures to decrease the likelihood or magnitude of accidents or terrorist events.

Emergency Planning
Excalibur develops risk-based all-hazards emergency operations plans that enable the continued performance of essential functions in any contingency. Our COOP practitioners are experienced and passionate about what they do best - strengthening the preparedness and resilience of our clients.

Emergency Management Training
Excalibur develops and conducts a wide spectrum of training courses in areas including emergency preparedness, crisis management, response, and recovery; and nuclear and radiological detection, diagnosis, and disablement. Excalibur uses the industry accepted Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process to perform course needs assessments, analysis, course design, development, and implementation for both instructor-led classroom courses and Web-Based Training (WBT) courses, including course evaluation and after-action reports.

Drills & Exercises
Excalibur develops and conducts Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) designed exercises, highly complex, technical-based exercises, and virtually all types of exercises - tabletop, or comprehensive drills that allow a detailed assessment of the effectiveness of contingency plans, procedures and training, while demonstrating the readiness of responders.

Crisis Communications
Cooperation and support from the local community are fundamental to proper emergency management. Public understanding and acceptance of emergency preparedness measures are crucial to the successful mitigation of an incident. Excalibur helps you develop effective public communications by providing emergency public information planning, training and exercises.

Emergency Operations
Excalibur provides continuity of operations staff support to ensure continuation of mission essential functions in a wide range of emergencies. Excalibur professionals plan, coordinate, and execute 24x7x365 collaboration, communication, coordination, intelligence, and domain awareness.

Quality Management
Excalibur provides a results-oriented quality management system that focuses on the customer and on continuous improvement. Certified quality auditors develop, document and maintain essential quality management systems that ensure your processes are safe, reliable and exceed customer expectations.